Cultural Seminar

Enjoy a 2-hour cultural seminar on Norwegian culture - complete with a fun and exciting quiz. Learn what's unique about Norway: Vikings, nature, traditions, dining habits, exotic food, costumes, folk tales, music, and more! You will come out of the session like a true expert on Norwegian culture and with some newfound friends! :)


Starting date



2 hours


S$ 96

What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

1)   Talk on Cultural Differences
Focuses on Norwegian cultural behaviours, rituals and values-   for non-Norwegians to better understand the Norwegian culture-   for both Norwegians and non-norwegians increase their understanding of cultural differences in order to improve communication and collaboration.
2)   Talk on Trout vs Salmon 
- Explanation on how to differentiate
- Comparison of the nutritional values and taste
- Tasting Quiz
- Quick demo on the ways to prepare trout and salmon
Sigrid Inderberg
Having an artistic talent, Sigrid has over 14 years of international experience as a professional musician, project leader, and educator in both Asia and Europe.
Jacklyn Kuah
Being an adventurer in constant search of the unknown, Jacklyn is a professional theatre artist who has toured to international festivals in Europe and Asia, both as a performer and director.