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Karius & Baktus

The two small tooth trolls, Karius (caries) and Baktus (bacteria) — live inside the teeth of a boy named Jens. They live a good life, made even better when Jens eats white bread with syrup and fails to brush his teeth afterwards. Norwegian Cultural Center brings Singapore this well-known pedagogical story, loved by generations of Scandinavians. And for the first time to the world, in Mandarin. Buy your tickets here (enjoy 10% off as NCC member):
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Skye Dental is a boutique dental practice in the heart of the CBD in Singapore. 38 Club St, Singapore 069418. Tel:  69805751

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Jacklyn Kuah

Being an adventurer in constant search of the unknown, Jacklyn is a professional theatre artist who has toured to international festivals in Europe and Asia, both as a performer and director. Her style draws the audience into the journey of the characters’ inner selves while stimulating thought-provoking questions. 
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